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With the development of modern society, various new types of risks are constantly emerging. As an important component of the financial industry, insurance not only bears the responsibility of managing and operating risks, but also carries out capital accumulation in the form of insurance with the trend of social progress, but also organically finances the investment and savings functions.

Therefore, the combination of insurance and financial theory can maximize the function of insurance and finance. From a macro perspective, the capital accumulation function of the modern Chinese insurance industry is playing a pivotal role; At the micro level, insurance is rapidly integrating into the financial industry and is closely integrated with investment savings. The economic security function of modern finance is its most basic function, on the basis of which the development trend of insurance financing has been formed, and the interdependent relationship between insurance and finance has become increasingly close. The application of science and technology ecology, risk control, and asset management are important topics that need to be studied by the insurance and financial industries.

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