IHIC 2024 China Health Insurance Innovation and Development Conference

Publisher:Bibo B.C Time:2023-06-06 17:49:00 Visitors: Order
Publisher:Bibo B.C   Visitors: Order
Time:2023-06-06 17:49:00


At a critical time when China's commercial health insurance is in a high growth rate, China has encountered a 3-year (2019-2022) COVID-19 epidemic. Due to objective reasons, China's health insurance also fell during this period. After three years of pandemic, China's health insurance has woken up from the ice and will usher in continuous rapid growth, but opportunities and challenges will follow. The opportunity is that after the epidemic, people pay more attention to personal health insurance, the awareness and acceptance of health insurance and personal insurance will be higher than before, and customers' subjective awareness of purchasing health insurance has increased significantly. The big ecological model model of medical + medicine + insurance + more integrated service services will continue to be optimistic about the market, and the income of health insurance companies and health management companies will also be optimistic about the market. At the same time, the challenge is the influx of a large number of homogeneous products in the market, the serious involution of domestic health insurance products, and the gradual compression of profit margins. The front-end product design and marketing innovation is insufficient, and better product design and differentiated marketing competition are urgently needed, and the back-end customer service needs to continue to improve to meet the differentiated and personalized needs of customers. Optimize product design, improve risk control capabilities, enhance customer experience, accelerate the true integration of medical + medicine + insurance + X through scientific and technological means, and embed health management services and health insurance products, simplify the service process, and meet the comprehensive medical and health needs of health insurance customers. Taking the demands of customers as the starting point, we will continue to promote China's health insurance industry towards a high-speed and steady development road. With the strengthening and continuous improvement of the regulatory system for the introduction of data compliance regulatory requirements, as well as the dynamic changes in the industry, how to ensure that product reconstruction can be effectively implemented? In the post-pandemic era, how can insurtech empower the health insurance industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency?

The 2024 Innovative Health Insurance Convention 2024 will be held in Shanghai on Oct.30-31, committed to creating an excellent platform for the integrated development of health, insurance, medical treatment and technology. The summit will attract more than 300 experts and scholars from well-known insurance companies, reinsurance companies, insurance brokerage companies, pharmaceutical companies, gene biology enterprises, scientific research institutes, medical institutions, health management institutions, BPA, PBM, insurtech enterprises, insurance law firms and venture capital companies. This summit will become an important scene for China's health insurance industry to seek cross-border exchanges, collision of ideas, business negotiations and mutual win-win results.


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