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Beauty and skincare

China defines cosmetics as: rubbing, spraying or other similar methods, scattered on any part of the human body (skin, hair, nails, lips, etc.); Daily chemical industrial products for cleaning, eliminating bad odors, skin care, beauty and grooming purposes.

Since the 5th century BC, ancient Egypt and China have had records of the use of cosmetics, such as ancient Egyptian queens using patina to paint eye circles, ancient Chinese women use rouge to wipe their cheeks to increase beauty.

With the progress of the times, "everyone has a heart for beauty", and the use of cosmetics has become more and more extensive, and it has gradually been accepted, recognized and loved by people. Cosmetics have undergone the evolution of natural herbaceous plant mineral extraction, petroleum extraction, animal extraction, herbaceous extraction. In the era of science and technology, with the rise of gene technology, people's demand for safe, healthy, natural, personalized & customized cosmetics has become increasingly prominent.

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