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1. The relevant information or pictures published and reproduced on this website come from the Internet, aiming to convey more industry information and communication purposes, if there is no special statement on this website, its copyright belongs to the copyright owner or the copyright owner declared in the page; However, if this website clearly declares, the information is the copyright of this website alone or jointly with the author, and if the media, websites or individuals need to use it, they must obtain the written authorization of this website, and it is strictly forbidden to reprint or use it for other commercial purposes without authorization.

2. If relevant media, websites or individuals download and use cases, articles, pictures and other relevant information from this website, please respect the copyright or related rights of the information when reprinting and using such information, retain the "from this site" indicated on this website, and bear legal responsibilities such as copyright and trademark rights; If the relevant information of the website of "Bibo Bikai (Shanghai) Management Consulting Co., Ltd." is tampered with or otherwise damaged without authorization, this website reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibility.

3. The copyright or related rights of the relevant information in this website belong only to the original author, if the author has a copyright statement or the information is reproduced from other websites or media and has the copyright statement of the original site or media, the copyright attribution shall be subject to the accompanying statement

4. When publishing relevant information or pictures on this website, due to the particularity of the network, it is impossible to confirm the right holder of the relevant information in time or get in touch with the right holder; If any unit or individual believes that the content of the information on this website may be suspected of infringing its legitimate rights and interests, it should promptly give feedback to this website by phone or in writing, and provide proof of identity, ownership and detailed infringement, and this website will take appropriate measures as soon as possible in accordance with relevant laws and regulations after receiving the above legal documents, and eliminate the impact in a timely manner.

5. All relevant articles within the scope of this website only represent the author's personal views, and have nothing to do with this website. Its originality and the text and content of the statement in the text have not been confirmed by this site, and the authenticity, completeness and timeliness of this article and all or part of the content, the text of this site does not make any guarantee or commitment, please readers for reference only, and please verify the relevant content by yourself.

6. Where this website does not indicate the source of the article or the relevant information of the picture, it is reproduced by the staff of this website on the network for learning and communication, and such manuscripts do not represent the views of this website, and this website does not bear joint and several liability for infringement of such manuscripts. If the reprinted manuscript involves copyright and other issues, please contact this website as soon as possible, and this website will delete it in time according to the actual situation. If the original author of the content of this website is not willing to publish the content on this website, please notify this site in time, and this site will delete it.

Other Matters Statement

1. Issues not covered in this legal statement refer to the relevant national laws and regulations, and if this statement conflicts with national laws and regulations, national laws and regulations shall prevail.

2. If any legal dispute arising from this website resorts to litigation procedures, the court where the owner of this website is located will be the competent court, unless the law has mandatory provisions on this.

Legal Notice
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